How far would you go for someone you love? *Uttiyo* is a (re)reading of Tagore's one of the most celebrated dance plays in Bengali- Shyama. The story encircles the life and emotions of three characters- Shyama, Bojrosen and Uttiyo. Takht for its upcoming production alters its protagonist to Uttiyo, the lover whose sacrifice formulates the peak of Tagore's play. Takht dares to envision Uttiyo's thoughts and feelings that makes his sacrifice possible and significant. Keeping the essence of traditional dance drama format, the portrayal shall be movement driven. "Uttiyo" is the story of the alternative, unexplored domains of love - that the contextual reading of Tagore's Shyama offers.


Takht took its step towards success with its first production “RANG- powered by t2” on 24th August 2014 at G D Birla Sabhaghar . Rang speaks about an inseparable trio who falls out due to jealousy. Blinded by love, power and conquest, a friend ends up killing the other only to realize that the girl he did it for would never actually be his- for obsession is not love, nor does love demand possession. Set to popular Bollywood numbers, the choreography included dance styles like hip-hop, contemporary, classical, semi classical etc.


EkNavya-In Association with The Telegraph t2, was the second dance production presented by Takht. The name, in layman's terms, suggests two words - 'One (ek) and Novice (Navya)'; but also has a phonetic resemblance to Eklavya, the brave tribesman who had offered his thumb as homage and gratitude to his great teacher, Dronacharya. Through this epic episode of Mahabharata, we aimed at a presentation of varied dance styles with an underlying modern context of today's culture and ethos with the main motif being that of the sacred bond of a teacher and his pupil. With this, Takht’s aim was to commemorate the long lost significance of this relationship. We are proud to have presented this twice. The first was staged on 11th October, 2015 at Uttam Manch and the second was a guest performance in the event “Kolahol” organized by Talk of the Town on 6th September, 2016.


On the 53 rd HR Summit of OIL & GAS Public Sector Units Takht performed “The Storytelling” that included a series of dance performances depicting various festivals, emotions and dance forms. The combination of all made it a visual bliss.


Saanjh-In Association with The Telegraph t2, was the third dance production presented by Takht. In most representations of the legendary love story of Radha-Krishna, seldom has the pivotal account of Rukmini been considered. The entire idea of Saanjh was to try and understand how a wife perceives her husband’s celebrated relationship that has transcended generations after generations. Saanjh is a synonym for Shyaam, another name of Lord Krishna. Takht presented this iconic love story not through the general narrative (as we know it) but through the lens of Rukmini who had the legal recognition but not ( never) the social emancipation. This was staged on 19th March, 2017 at Uttam Manch.